Friday, October 21, 2005

...Ain't Gold (Part Four)

"...Got a date at 8, I’m in the 740'fizz-ive and I just bought a bike, so I can ride till I die..."
Nicole shook her head smiling at the loud music coming from the apartment her mother and baby sister shared. Alanis loved that loud ghetto shit. Nicole loved rap too, but at three less decibels.
"...My niggas in 'da club, but you know 'dey not dancin'. We gangsta, and gangstas don't dance- we boogie, so never mind how we got in here wit' burners 'n hoodies..."
She flipped through her purse for the spare key to their apartment. "Chile won't even hear me comin. Mama must not be home."
"...Listen, we don't pay admission, and da bouncers don't check us and we walk around 'da metal detectors..."
She shook her head and let herself in, trying to act like she didn't know the words on the low. She swung the door open.
"...Said he like my necklace, started relaxin now, dats what da fuck I call a chain reaction. See, money aint a thang nigga, we still da same niggaz, flows just changed, now we 'bout'ta change 'da game nigga..."
Nicole's mouth had dropped open. She couldn't believe the sight in front of her eyes.
"See my niggaz don't dance we just pull up our pants and do the RocaWear, now lean back, lean back..."
Her mother, a fifty-seven year old church going woman was in the middle of the kitchen leaning back with Alanis by her side.
"Come on in! Hell wrong with you got my door all open like that?" Cora Simmons was one fine woman, timeless really. Proof that black didn't crack.
"Hi Nikki," Alanis kissed her sister hello and shut the door.
"Mama, since when she got you listening to this?"
"Girl, you think I don't know nothing about the young'uns? Ya'll alright."
Nicole laughed and joined her kin in the kitchen. "You don't know nothin about no rap mama." She gave her mother a big hug. "How you?"
"Too blessed to be stressed girl. Lani, turn that down a lil bit. I been listenin to that with Lani you know. She got me listenin to that pretty girl, Eve. Oh and the other one, what's his name? Fifty the cent."
Nicole giggled. "Fifty Cent ma, like change."
"That's it. I like him."
Nicole shook her head, going into the freezer for ice cubes. She shook out a freshly washed glass and dropped them inside. "I'm gone pray for you on Sunday."
Cora stirred one of the pots in front of her and the mouth watering smells of cheese stuffed meatballs shoook Nicole by her shoulders and slapped her in the face. "Girl please. You ain't been to church in years. I make sure I put in a prayer for you."
Lani came back in the kitchen. "Donita said tell you hi."
Nicole nodded, crunching ice. "She had the baby yet?"
"She's due any day now."
"What you doin round her anyway Big Time?"
"I can't come home and see my mama and my sister? Damn. And I thought ya'll loved me."
"Stop cussin," Cora said.
"Nik please," Lani started smiling. "Only reason you over here is cuz you ain't got no man."
Nicole spit ice chips at her sister. "Kiss my ass."
"I said stop cussin!"
Lani stuck her tongue out and Nicole kicked her in the knee.
"Now the both of ya'll cut it out for I get in it."
"She started it!" they both shouted.

Cora raised her spoon. "I don't care who started it! I'll end it! Now how you doin, Nik? You behavin yourself and callin on the Lord like you oughta?"
"Yes mama. But you and I both know that is not what I'm here for."
"Good, so get out," Lani said, smiling.
Nicole stood up and smoothed her shirt. She put on her saddest face and turned to walk out. "I guess so. I know when I'm not wanted." She reached over for her purse, whcih was sitting on the edge of the counter.
"I'll just have to find two other people to take to Jamaica this weekend."
Cora stopped stirring and looked at her daugher. "Are you serious?"
Nicole kept up the act. "Yeah. That's what I came by to tell you. But since ya'll don't want me here..."
Cora looked at Lani and they both started screaming.
"Oh my God! We going to Jamaica!"
Nicole's face broke into a wide smile.

"Don't worry about it Toots. Shadow will let me know when the job is done and when she does-"
"How the fuck is she gonna tell you anything when the bitch doesn't even talk?"
"I understand you ain't feelin her right now, but she-"
"But she what? I couldn't have done that? You gone tell her to come all the way down from the fuckin Fortress of Solitude and give her fifty G's for some shit I coulda did in my sleep?"
Rich loved the fact that Toots was jealous of Shadow. He didn't know if Shadow knew and if she did, she sure as hell didn't give a damn. The fact was Toots was his best girl. he couldn't send her out to do a job like this. Shadow was important but she was expendable. Just another pawn on the chessboard. But Toots was his babygirl. If she was killed over something he knew she had no business doing, he'd never fogive himself.
"Let it go Toots. For real ma. Throw some thongs and shit in a suitcase or something. We goin to outta town for a few days."
"Whatever." She hung up.
He smiled as he hung up. He knew she would be over at his place within the hour. He had decided to get out of town for a little while to clear his thoughts and regroup as he tried to figure out the Prince/Prage/Maxell situation. Well, the first two were handled but he needed to figure out the Maxell situation. And he couldn't do it sitting around New York. He had Mookie call up the ret of the crew and tell them to meet him out there at his beach house.
Rest and relaxation was all he needed. No bull, no stress, just pretty drunk island girls and hot sun on his skin. As soon as he returned Rich was sure all hell would most likely be breaking loose so he knew he had to get it in good while he could.

Copyright © 2005 Jacki Simmons
All rights reserved.


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