Saturday, October 22, 2005


Love is one hell of an emotion. I have found over an advanced period of time that it's also quite complex. Everyone defines love differently. And it seems most people I know get it confused with other things. Things like puppy love, infatuation, and lust. Lust got my happy ass in trouble more than once, because I had it confused with love. That butterfly feeling, the knocking knees, the lip biting, all that. It was lust.
Love is complicated because the person who thinks they are feeling it is the person that defines it. No matter what anyone else says you know what you know. It could be the most dysfunctional unhealthy relationship, but yet in still, it's your definition.
To me, love is the unconditional mental and emotional connection that is combined with trust and passionate affection for another person. In my humble opinion, you cannot love a person without those simple links in the chain. I've never felt that way about another person. Of course, you have regular unconditional affection for your family, that is pretty much undeniable. But when you find that one person you want to share the rest of your life with, the rest just falls into place.
And Lord knows I can't wait for that to happen. :)


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