Friday, April 07, 2006

Heavy Rotation

April's edition of HR is slightly different than my usual medley.
T.I.-King: I've recently come into the T.I. camp and now that I'm here there is no turning back. I been down with a nigga since 24's and I didn't know who he was before then. But now he's all over the radio and I can't get enough of his lil scrawny ass. If all goes well I'll be going to see ATL this weekend.
All American Rejects-Move Along: Mama's still a rock head. No I haven't gone to get that Pink Floyd album yet but I surely will be going soon as I get a little bread in the basket.
Lil Wayne-Tha Carter II: Everybody is raving about this shit like Weezy is the second coming of Christ so apparently I'm going to have to get on down, bite the bullet and listen to it. That song DJ is still my ish so I'll be on that hard.
Dru Hill-Greatest Hits: This is a shockingly good compilation. I hate it when they put together songs that sucked and should never have made the final cut. All the songs (with the exception of one) are good. Even the extra cuts from Sisqo's effort (Incomplete is still my jam) are good.
Pink-I'm Not Dead: Though I haven't heard it yet, the title, aalbum art and her MO is enough to warrant a listen. I love me some Pink and if this album is anything like the other three I'm sure she won't disappoint. (Can't Take Me Home was the shit, M!sundaztood was the sit times two, Try This swayed a lil bit but didn't fall off and this one is going to be off the chain. Will return with a full review.)

I'm debating whether or not I should get an iPod. The Shuffle is tiny enough to carry all the music I could possibly listen to in a day and it's the cheapest by a long shot. My girl Dre just bought hers today (full size iPod and paid 350 for it, warranty included). I'ma cheap bitch and I'm not trying to be paying that much money for anything that isn't a shoe. But I think the Shuffle will go nicely with the phone I want to buy. Damn, I really need a sugar daddy.


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