Sunday, April 09, 2006


In a very nasty mood today.
It rained all day yesterday, that's my kind of weather right there. Today, it's all sunny and shit, and I'm really not feeling it. Ended up not even going to see ATL for reasons which I will keep to myself. Let's just say there was Easy Jesus involved.
Okay, I'm really trying to listen to this Lil Wayne album and it's not happening. I'm not impressed at all. I think I'm just gonna stick to the T.I. I knew there was a reason I stopped listening to rap and I think Weezy is that reason.
I can't shake this mood. It could be the PMS and I'm really hoping that's what it is. On the whole, I've been feeling really sucky for about a week now.
Why You Wanna is my favorite song off this album. And he gets really funny on that Stand Up Guy song. Whoda thunk T.I. had a sensitive side?
Decided to turn Ain't Gold into a full length novel. Don't really need to add much, but it's going to be longer and more full. I might switch a few thing, change the flow a little bit. But its still going to be good though.
Oy, this moody shit is killing me...


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