Friday, May 05, 2006

Random Jim Jones Post

So I was just in one of those moods, listening to Diary of a Summer (yes, again) and I decided to lighten my mood by making a random Jim Jones post. I'm much better now, thank you for asking. Will be spending the day being a girl tomorrow, so no, don't call me.

Speaking of hip-hop, you ever have this one song you listen to that takes you way back in the day and when you hear it, it kind of rustles up bad memories? I'm now on my Jadakiss, listening to this joint called Still Feel Me. Back when this album was hot, I used to listen to it like ten times in a row. Hearing it again for the first time in two years makes me remember a lot of shit that happened from '04 to now.
Damn, memories are something else. I say bad memories because I was still with my douchebag ex back then. The album came out round the summer time and I copped it then, and we broke up shortly before winter. Smartest move I ever made. Then again, justifiable homicide would've been as well... Yes, it was that bad.

I feel all reminiscent now, like I'm taking a trip down Memory Lane and shit. I know I'm not that old so keep all the young jokes to yourselves. I find it dope that your mind stows things away and pulls them out of the fileroom later on in life. And the fact that these memories are triggered bby sight, smell or sound is also interesting. The shit I was thinking about would never have come back up if I hadn't played this album.
I wonder if I'm going to be depressed as blue fuck when I listen to Diary of a Summer later on this year. Hmm.


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