Monday, November 14, 2005

Dirty Little Secrets

I was up this morning after yet another all nighter with Batman. Didn't get to sleep until sometime after ten. Anyway, I was watching MTV (something I rarely do) and this video Dirty Little Secrets by the All American Rejects came on. I happen to like it. I've gotten back into rock because there is no good rap left to listen to. It's all a combination of recycled Dirty South beats, no talent word spewing and the latest bullcrap from the G-Unit camp. (Love Fifty, but the rest of them have got to step it up.)
So anyway I was listening and watching and part of the video is people hiding their faces and holding up cards with their secrets on them. And I got to thinking. How much do you really know about people? I'm sure there are things my girls would never tell me. And please believe there are things I would never tell them. Bats and I had been talking a little while back and let me say this, you won't know what they don't tell you.
I got to thinking again after that misty moment passed and wondered aloud whether or not I had any secrets. And I found I had a bevy of them laying around. Well, not exactly laying around. They're locked away. I've got plenty of skeletons hanging in my closet. When it comes down to it a secret is simply something you don't want anyone to know. The reasons vary. It all boils down to how much you really want people to know about you.
I'm private. I don't like to give away too much about me. And I think deep down, everyone feels the same way. There is not a soul on the planet (IMO) with nothing to hide.
I feel like the deodorant commercial now. What's my secret? I still suck my thumb. *


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