Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pause *Flash*

I'm watching E! right now, dying laughing at these celebrities. (Fashion Do's and Dont's) They are cracking me up. It's funny to me. All this money and these folks don't have a clue as what to wear. Just because you can afford it doesn't mean you should put it on. "I stay Gucci down to the socks." NOT A GOOD LOOK!! Be serious. That whole I look like a mannequin/billboard thing is so tacky. Broke people do that with their knockoffs.
Speaking of knockoffs I broke three nails. You can't imagine how pissed I am. I had to cut the rest down. I had the only attitude. I was packing my bags in Pathmark yesterday when I noticed my thumb nail was chipped. Then I got home and noticed two others were broken. Pissed with a capital P.
I need to go shoe shopping for real now. Bats is thinking about coming up to New York before July and ya'll know I use any excuse to buy shoes. (What do you mean the Queen has abdicated? Okay, I'm on my way to Rainbow right now.) Right now, the highest amount I've paid for a pair of shoes is three hundred fifteen dollars. And I would do it again. There are a pair of boots I want that stand at eighteen hundred and if I could afford them (even if I couldn't because I'm always buying things I can't afford) they'd be in my closet. Clothes, I'm only willing to pay so much for. Shoes? There is no limit.
I'm going off to make ice cream floats. I deserve one. I haven't had snacks in like two weeks.


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