Saturday, November 05, 2005

Oh I Think They Like Me...

It's quarter after two in the morning.
Ya'll already know I'm a night owl. I sleep all day and then I'm up all night. It's not only the writing, it's that I can't sleep. I've been up on the phone with Batman for the past couple fo night and when we finally got off, I'd be up until the sun came up (which was like a few minutes later). Tonight is no different. I've been thinking about all these lists popping up all over the place about the finest black men. I had to throw my two cents in before I went to sleep. Before I continue, I don't give a rat's ass what anybody thinks. This is my list and if you don't like it you can kick rocks.
1. Curtis Martin-If that man got down on one knee after I'd only known him for fifteen minutes, I'd be the next football wife they'd be welcoming into the club, you hear? That man is too fine for words. All that curly hair, that fine ass brown mm good.
2. T-Mac-His sleepy ass is the only reason I still watch whatever team he's on these days.
3. Will Smith-I'm so glad he grew into those ears. He's looking very good these days.
4. Memphis Bleek-Old boy can come 'Round Here' anytime he wants to. I went out and copped State Prop just so I could see his fine as wine ass.
5. Duke Ellington-Okay, I know you probably just got slapped in the face with that one, but if you look at pictures of him in his younger days, old boy was actually quite fine. The equivalent of what we call a pretty boy. I bet I'da been chillin at the Cotton Club down the hill and he'd be snatchin me up right quick...
6. Jim Jones-I know, he's Puerto Rican but I don't care. I love that whole ten o'clock shadow thing he has going on. The thug look is always a big plus for me. He always looks like he just rolled out of bed and shook out whatever was clean and matched and threw it on. I dig that. (Shout me a holla son. I live a train ride away from Taft. C line.)
7. Young Buck-Does he have the msoothest softest skin you have ever seen or what? Like he walks, talks, breathes cocoa butter. And when he smiles, he's actually a cutie!
8. Jalen Rose-I think his height only makes him sexier. He has to unfold to get to where he needs to be and watching him move is like unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning.
9. Tyson Beckford-When I heard he was in that car crash I prayed to the God of Fineness that his face was okay. I was blessed. I saw him on Oprah about a week or so ago and all he had was a small scar on the bridge of his nose. (Irony: he was born in the Bronx and is part Panamanian, part Jamaican, like me. Coinkydink?)
10. Chris Tucker-Despite the fact that he is a high class clown and I probably couldn't listen to one statement he made with a straight face, he rounds out my top ten list. He's like 43 or something and he is still fine as hell.
Tomorrow, well, later cuz it's already the morning, I'm going to review BET's list and tell you exactly what I felt about it. In case you didn't catch it here's the link:
Night pplz.


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