Friday, November 04, 2005

I Liked It-Part Two

Before I begin, thank you Pepsi. I knew I wasn't alone.
I have a bunch of picks for really good movies and it took a long time to compile it. Most of them are old, but these are the movies I could really sit around and watch all day:
Edward Scissorhands: Say something about this movie and I will slap you in the mouth. (Let me stop.) This is my favorite movie. I'm not really sure why yet. Could be Johnny Depp...It was dark and brilliant. My mami calls it a "conversation piece." Its meant to get people talking about people who are different then you. I'll take that for now. He was different and the movie dwelled on how people accepted (or didn't accept) his presence. They were used to uniformity and here was this kid that went and messed it all up for them. Love that movie.
Dead Presidents: Kind of ironic. I'm listening to that song right now. That movie was so sad. It didn't have to be that way but it just goes to show what a nigga will do when desperate. The end? Messed me up. I was really hurt. I didn't want them to go down like that. But that's how it be's sometimes.
(Sidebar: Let me just add before I go on that I am a devout fan of anything Kevin Spacey.)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: Excellent movie. I am in love with a murder mystery and this was one for the ages. The old man Clint Eastwood never really moved me with all the Dirty Harry ish but he seems to have found a niche with this directing thing (Have you seen Bloodwork? If not do so.) Kevin Spacey, John Cusack and the Lady Chablis add their talents.
Se7en: Scared the black out of me. As a person who does not believe in ghosts and the typical "scary movie" I need to be scared by things that can really happen. I didn't sleep for days after I first saw this.
American Beauty: Although Annette Benning has got to be one of the world's most boring ass actresses, she surpried the hell out of me in this movie. She was like borderline neurotic and it takes a boring moldable chick to play that kind of role.
Favorite line:
"Who's car is that?"
"Mine. 1970 Pontiac Firebird. The car I always wanted and now I have it. I rule." Gets me every time.
(What you gay nigga? Jay straight like Indian hair...Love this cat)
The Life of David Gale: Just f*cked up. I mean, making a point is one thing, but this movie is just f*cked up. Seriously.
The Entire Matrix Triology: It took me about three eyars to finally understand what was going on but when my older brother finally explained it, I was actually quite entertained. It cracked me up that the ultimate surfer dude Keanu Reeves actually pulled it off but he did one hell of a job. I hadn't seen him act that intensely since Point Break. :) Let me stop.
The Lord of the Rings Triology: Usually I am not a huge fan of fantasy. It took me until long after the third one came out to bother watching. And let me say, I was knocked out. I sat there and watched all three through, beginning to end. Took about fifteen hours, but damn was it worth it. I can honestly say I've seen those movies about twenty or more times. I think its twenty-three, I'm not sure. Yeah, ya mama's a geek. I didn't say Star Wars.
This list could go on for about another week or so so here's the summarized version
Schindler's List
A Clockwork Orange
Run Lola Run
The Godfather Trilogy
Goodfellas (yeah I love me a gangsta flick)
Training Day
From Hell (it's that Johnny Depp again...)
The Manchurian Candidate (old or new, they were both great)
The Others (I liked that and I don't even like ghost movies)
What Lies Beneath
Cold Mountain
Hotel Rwanda
CatchMe If You Can
Forrest Gump
Sleepy Hollow (I actually thought this was actually pretty dope)
It can get critical so I'm going to stop here...


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