Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Honey Dip

Honey Dip is back in rare form, folks. Okay, maybe not rare form, but I made it out of the bed and managed to have a productive week. I did my hair, went shopping, going to get inked on Friday or Saturday; Saturday I think though, because then I can pay my phone bill at the same time as I'm on the way there. Remind me to buy a book of bus tickets and an unlimited MetroCard. Thanks.
Now that I'm trying to make myself feel better mentally, I'm feeling sucky physically. I was in Delaware with my homies the other day and when I got back I had sh*t coming out of every oraface (spell check) on my body. It was so gross.
And I gotta pay my phone bill.
AND I lost my iPod. I don't remember if I left it here or in Delaware though.
And I dropped seventy bucks in between the two places as well.
And I quit smoking. (Happy BabyD?) Not because it was killing me, no f*ck that but because it was getting expensive. So as soon as I can afford it, I'll probaly be right back on that. I couldn't give two sh*ts about the iPod, I can always get another one, its the money I'm pissed about. That sh*t was how I was getting to work this week. Bummer, man.
So as soon as I get over this cold, I'll be back to normal. I'll be making calls to you loverly people as soon as I cut my phone back on. Til then, ta ta.

And I met a guy. :)


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