Sunday, May 07, 2006

If You Look In My Life And See What I've Seen

I take back everything I've ever said about Lil Wayne.
I was bored as green ish the other day so I decided to peruse through the old Vibe Mag I had laying around. (Translation: You know you know you're gonna be in the bathroom for a good minute so you decide to take some entertainment in there with you?)
Last month's issue sat down and interviewed Weezy F. I was shocked and amazed by how real it was. Here I was expecting it to sound like every other interview: boring, repeptitive, and scripted. But I was wrong. He was real, as if he didn't give a damn that millions of people were going to be reading it. I hate it when people give those interviews and spend the entire time trying to cover things up. (Jeffrey Atkins, we know ALL your BI 'round here...)
He was open and honest and if you're trying to get to know a rapper and get down with his style, knowing what he is and what he's about is the first step. The kid had an interesting life. And he's come a long way since 11 years old. Who else is president of their own ish at 23 after starting out at 11? Give him his props, yes I did. So after I read the interview, I sat back down and listened to Tha Carter II with an open mind this time.
Pure fire.
And that's all I'm gonna say.


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