Saturday, May 06, 2006

Miscellaneous Thoughts, God Gave Me Style Edition

You ever have one of those days where you just feel so fly that you're in the mindset like "You can't touch me"? That's how I was feeling today. Mad sick of course, but I seen my shorty so that's all that really matters. And let me be the first to say there is still nothin sexier than a nigga in a wifebeater. *Sigh*

I've been extremely moody for the past couple of days, I don't know if it's PMS, I highly doubt it cuz that shit comes round whenver it feels like and I'm pretty much moody all the time. But it increased when the bi-excuse me, female dog in heat-jacked up my goddamn blow out. I like my hair to look a certain way when I come from the salon and having her destroy a 'do that could've been my ticket to an hour worth of "damn, I love myself" in the mirror was like having someone pour poision in my ears and watch it slosh around in my head. I really wanted to kill her, or say something nasty like "hey, shouldn't you be in DC rallying or something?" But that would've been evil.

I got an iPod. I don't feel like repeating this shit to ya'll when I'm on the phone so it's a black, 1G, 240 song iPod Nano that set me back a buck fifty. So if you ask me anything about it, I swear to god I will hang up on you. The first things to grace it were Diary of A Summer, The Massacre, What The Game's Been Missing and Dru Hill. After reading an article in last months Vibe I decided to give Weezy and Tha Carter II another, unbiased, chance. If it's any good, it will join the myriad of rap albums I uploaded.

Took my mama to The Olive Garden tonight. That was my first time in there, believe it or not. I'm stuffed and the niggaritis is still lingering. I wanted to unbuckle my belt and lay out right there on the spot, but I knew that would be some Ghetto Glenda shit. So I didn't.

Went shopping with my girl Dre yesterday. Between us, we shot through about four hundred dollars in the space of three hours. Whenever we get together, we end up going home with like a million bags. I didn't buy any shoes, that iPod was a real shot in the head, but I did get a bunch of other random shit. Bought shoes today though...

For all ye curious ones, I got the job. I sign the paperwork on Monday and become a fulltime worker by the end of the week. Please do not ask if you can borrow a dollar. Thanks for the support.


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