Monday, May 29, 2006

Miscellaneous Thoughts-Celebrity Edition 2, Happy Memorial Day

So does it strike anyone else as odd that since their recent addition to the country of G-Unit, MOP are the only citizens that have yet to release an album or at the very least a single? I mean come on, Olivia (albeit the fact that she's Fifty's b*tch) is getting airplay. COME ON!!!

If D4L, Rick Ross, Webbie, and Dem Franchize Boyz are his competition, TI truly is the King of the South.

Speaking of the South, Sammie is still alive. Whoda thunk.

Shockingly, Killa Season is actually a pretty decent album.

As is Mobb Deep's Blood Money. Actually, that album is dope as hell, I'm seriously understating. It's not the same slick lyrics and fire lines, and at times the G-Unit presence can be a little heavy, but overall, it's pretty good. (Cocaine in the pot, baking soda, water hot, when the ice cubes drop, look at that, that's crack!)

Now Ray J's first song, One Wish, blew harder than Paris Hilton on videotape in a rented hotel room. But his latest effort, What I Need, is pretty decent. I mean, his voice still sounds weaker than a cup of watery McDonalds coffee (not that I drink it) but the beat and the lyrics flow pretty well together. Not the video so much because I'm not really a fan of birdchests but you all know how that goes.

After watching that new Pepsi commerical, I am sure it is long overdue for Mariah's next breakdown.

Speaking of breakdown, Beyonce is doin the damn thng but is anyone else worried about her mental state? The girl is working overtime. And since she's only "23" eventually, isn't all that jetting about going to get her down?

Did anyone watch Oprah's Legends Ball? I'm pleasantly shocked to report there were actually black people present.

Does anyone still listen to the Dixie Chicks?

I want to be divorced the way Kimora and Russell are.

Juelz Santana will be opening a soda shop in my neck of the woods. Okay, technically TwoFifth ain't my neck of the woods but I'm close enough and its still in Harlem. So there. Every other borough gets to claim niggas so I'm stakin out. This is in addition to his new clothing line and the clothing store he already owns up the block from me called Santana's Town.

Why is everyone acting like Janet Jackson did something special to lose all that weight? "I ate less and exercised more." Oh my God, there is another way?!

Seeing as I am extremely unhappy with the turn of evnets of the Season Finale of American Idol, I am not going to comment on Taylor the Hick. Alls I am going to say is "Ladies and gentlemen, start your Geritol."

How do you name what is going to be undoubtedly the finest baby in the world after a damn dog?

Word has it that there is some trouble in the Jones/Reynolds camp. Now I am not one for the breaking up of marriages, not me at all, but I am against...well, you know. Dane Cook says it best...

Signing off for the evening. I hope ya'll enjoyed your holiday as much as I did bitches. If you like, you can email me, I'm available, and I will answer you back in a day or so.
Feel free to give me a call, NO TEXT MESSAGES PLEASE.


Anonymous Monica said...

I've never been a fan of country music. BUT I LOVE the Dixie Chicks new c.d. Yep i said it although I can't really define them as "country" anymore I mean they still have their trademark "twang" and "bluegrass" sound but this album is more mainstream and had some great people who worked on it with them. I checked the album out b/c I like their new single "Not Ready to Make Nice" and also there was so much publicity surrounding this release. It gets TWO big thumbs up from me. Wow I can't believe I just reviewed a Dixie Chicks album..never say never i guess.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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