Sunday, June 11, 2006

See What Had Happened Was...

Damn, I'm almost ashamed to be posting. What has it been, like a week and change? WOW... Ten days Tah has just informed me... Sorry about that. I haven't been getting much sleep in the day time. I don't understand why people can't give you the consideration you give them when it's time for them to be asleep. I get home from work, I want to crash, man. I don't want to have conversations and smile and be cordial and sh*t. I want to strip down and sleep like there's no tomorrow. Albeit what with my hours, tomorrow is technically today since I come home and go back to work in the same day...Does that make sense? Okay, good.
Heard from Lacey few days ago. We're meeting up for a power lunch in the next couple of weeks to discuss important angles the book is going in. The irony of it was that I was just on my way to ask how she was and when we were meeting up when I opened the email. I'm looking forward to it, so far I have a few good ideas that I want to throw her way and being as she's been in the game a bit longer than I have, I'm sure she can bounce a few suggesstions off me. Should be interesting. And then the book club that introduced me to the wide world of literary art is having a meet and greet with some of the familiar members. Can one of my New Yorkers scope out Dave and Buster's for me?
OH! Monica, I finalyl know that American Eagle store we were talking about waaaaaaaay back. The girls and I went on an all day escapade and I bumped into it on 34th street. I swear, I never heard of the place before you said something. How finals and all that coming along? And your mini vacation? Keep me posted.
Sidebar: Don't you just hate it when somebody says I'm gonna pay you back when I get my check and all of a sudden, they're no longer on the weekly pay roster or something? Hmm...
So Babies R Us is decent. It's a lot of work and a lot of patience and a lot of bullsh*t, but I could really care less about all that seeing as I get paid every week. I've been spending my checks like water up until now, but I realize I have to start saving and doing the adult thing.
I've now got rent to pay, a car to buy, a man to think about, bills; sh*t like that makes me wish I were back in eighth grade when the least of my problems was figuring out whether or not Sammy Gleason was serious when he sent that "Do you like me? Yes, No, Maybe" letter on Tuesday. I quit smoking and after a week there got right back on it so what does that tell you? But I have improved, I've gone from longs to shorts. I'm not sure how long that's going to last, but still...It's an improvement, damnit.
Funny story: There was no truck Thursday night and our HR Supervisor was locked in with us (yes, the overnight crew gets locked in). Let me tell you, the nights when a truck doesn't come in are some of the most boring nights we will ever have. Once the enitre store is handled, there is literally othing to do but stand around. It's boring as sh*t. I had given my supervisor, who we'll call Sara, a perm in her office an hour earlier and it came out looking pretty good. I was shocked and amazed at my own damn self. So we're in the breakroom lounging and loafing when ya girl has a brilliant idea: Hey, we should play some double dutch. Here's how it goes down:
S: Ya'll got any rope in the stockroom?
J: (that question is directed at me since the apparel stockroom is my turf) Not really rope, more like twine. But I don't think it's thick enough.
M: We could double it up.
J: Yeah, but there's not enough so we would end up with a rope that's too short.
All: Hmm...
S: What about the phone cords?
(We all look...)
So to make a hour long story short, we unhooked the phone cords in the breakroom and the stockroom and jumped double dutch for the duration of our break. Say it with me: RECKLESS. It was the sh*t, we even got the guys to jump with us. I wondered come Friday night whether or not we would have jobs. One of my fellow coworkers politely pointed out that we were on our break and while there is a clause against personal calls, sex, and cell phones, there is nothing that says we can't jump double dutch. She makes a very valid point.
(Another sidebar: Why in the hell does Fatboy wait until the middle of the night to get active, chasing around a piece of ripped paper like it's the goddamn riddle to crack the Da Vinci Code or something?)
Speaking of which, my girlfriends and I went to see The Da Vinci Code last week and let me be te first to tell you, the critics are not always rght. It seems to me that the ones with the most problems were the ones who obviously didn't read the book, as with A Series of Unfortunate Events.
(Yet another sidebar: I'm having a bangin ass birthday party this year. I'm planning it right now, no lie. I think after the sucky year I had last year and the year this is turning out to be, I deserve that sh*t, don't you? Yes, please let me know if your asses plan on attending so I can get the guest list ready now. You know my cell, you know my chirp, you know my email... Hit me up so we can do the damn thing.)

Peace for now.


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