Friday, June 02, 2006


¿Qué se está encendiendo, mi familia? (And for the language impaired): Wassup my peoples!!?? Ya girl is back in full effect, ya heard me? Honey Dip is back on her grind again, and I got my swagger back, big time. I know, it's kinda hard to believe, after ll that sh*t I put ya'll through with the depression, I promise I won't do that again. I'm on my MON sh*t big time, so you ain't never gone hear about lil mama cryin over some nigga that ain't payin her rent. Ya'll know that ain't my steelo and that sh*t was not a good look.
So what's goin on? I missed ya'll and I know ya'll missed the regular posts and all that. Since I'm working the graveyard shift (if you ain't know, now you know, Monday through Friday; 10pm-6am) I'm going to try and post at least once a week and keep ya'll up on what's going on in the world of HD.
I'm making some changes in my life, big time business moves. Yes, it does have something to so with The D Word. No I can't tell you about it here. If you give me a call or leave me a message I'll get back to you and tell you what's good. I said I quit smoking... Yeah that lasted about three days. Then I got right back stressed out again. I realize that the cold turkey thing is not going to work. I'm going to have to wean myself off one day at a time. And for me, not because everyone else keeps saying 'girl, you gotta quit smoking.' I must say I really do appreciate you guys support though. Ya'll have been real with me and I need that in my life, feel me?
Annnnnnywho... I'm fittin'a hop in the shower and wash my ass before I go... ahem... go to work... I'll get at ya'll in a little bit.
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